In Shades is an illustrated short fiction online magazine. Thanks for stopping by.

——James & Marina

In Shades is an online magazine published by a passionate team of two, headquartered between London and Barcelona. You can find out more about the people who put it together here:

James Vincent

Marina Esmeraldo
Art director

We collaborated with a worldwide network of talented contributors. As of 2019, we are on indefinite hiatus.


Praise for In Shades Magazine

"In Shades magazine is a simple idea done satisfyingly well."
—It's Nice That

"Love these Six Words Written On A Napkin stories."
—Stack Magazines

"Your new favorite magazine."
—Semplice Magazine

"An online magazine that won't intimidate your attention span... In Shades doesn’t only celebrate short fiction, but the Hemingway-inspired six-word short story."

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