In Shades Magazine is an independent project and a platform for awesome short fiction and illustration, emerging and established.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to In Shades Magazine. As of 2019, we are on indefinite hiatus.

Please follow the guidelines below, otherwise your submission will not be considered.

Short fiction
We welcome short fiction submissions of up to 3000 words or thereabouts. There is no minimum word limit and no set theme.
Send short story submissions (.doc attachments only), a short synopsis (max. 100 words) and a covering intro here.

We're always on the lookout for talented illustrators, artists and letterers to visualise our stories and Six Words pieces!
Send low-res samples of your work (no PDFs or ZIPs please) here.

Six Words Written On A Napkin
...are (very) short stories.  The project is inspired by the famous anecdote of Ernest Hemingway's lunchtime wager, with friends, as to whether he could write a story in just six words. 

He wrote these words on a table napkin—
For sale: baby shoes, never worn. 

He won the bet.  

Submission guidelines:

1. The story must be exactly six words long. 
2. The story should have some hint of context or a backstory.
3. The story should have some forward motion or action. 
4. The story should have some resolution, however slight. 
5. Multiple submissions are welcome, although they should be independent of each other.   
6. The story doesn't have to be written on a napkin.

Send your Six Words submission here.